How the Step by Step Sterifarma Process Works


Design, Planning and Manufacturing

Each surgical center has its precise needs. For this reason, Sterifarma is specialized in developing high quality customized solutions applied directly to surgical and post-surgical procedures. As a result, each of our products contains the exact amount needed, and proactively avoids unnecessary material waste or setbacks during the surgical procedure.


Gamma Ray Sterilization

All our products are sterilized by a Gamma Radiation process. This sterilization process is of greatest reliability and durability, furthermore the process is free of unnecessary chemical substances or the addition of temperature conditions that can shorten the shelf life of the material. Double Packing: In addition to the conventional surgical grade wrapping, our products receive a second transparent waterproof wrapping, which protects during storage and transport from the warehouse to the Surgical Center. Doubly wrapped and protected, our products are free of recontamination risks.


The Sterifarma Quality Standard

Sterifarma applies rigid quality control by way of a 3 step examination process on 100% of the items produced. This signifies that our products, besides being produced by a dedicated and constantly trained team, are reviewed 3 times by independent departments: (1) In the act of packaging, (2) in the act of sealing and sterilizing and (3) during the sterilization audit and 2nd packaging step, which occurs before delivery. This process is implemented to guarantee 100% security and assure that our products meet the Sterifarma Quality Standard. Sterifarma has a certified Quality Management System in accordance with the NBR (Brazilian Norm) ISO 9001 Standard, in addition to complying with the requirements of the resolution of the executive board-16 law by ANVISA (Good practices technical regulation by the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency for the Manufacturing of Medical Products (in general) and Products diagnosed for In Vitro Use).



All Sterifarma products are coded and registered allowing full traceability of all supplied lots.


SIMPRO Reimbursement

Even though all Sterifarma products are tailor-made specifically for our each of our customers, all products are registered in the SIMPRO price publication system with a personalized nomenclature. This allows for our customer’s financial reimbursement from Brazilian health insurance companies.